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Run For Their Lives 2018

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It's For The Kids Chili Cook Off

Do You Have the Best Chili Recipe?

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Team Commitment


1) The Chefs’ Meeting will be held Tuesday, October 16th.  The place will be announced at a later time.  The Chefs’ Meeting is mandatory.  A form must be completed by each team to obtain a temporary exemption from the Shelby County Health Department to be able to cook and serve chili to the public.  Please contact Laura Roberts at 662.523.6138 if you have any questions about the meeting.


2) Each team will cook 5-10 gallons of chili the day of the event.  All ingredients must be prepared and cooked on-site.  Beans are the only ingredient allowed to be pre-cooked.



Elaine Roberts Foundation/Angel Warriors Foundation provides:


  • 10 ft. by 10 ft. pop-up tent

  • One 8 ft. table with tablecloth

  • One 6 ft. table with tablecloth

  • Four folding chairs

  • Taster cups and spoons for patrons

  • Judges sample containers for both rounds (with tops)

  • Latex gloves

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Shims (for leveling cooking stand)

  • 2 rolls of paper towels

  • Access to sinks and water

  • Event t-shirt



Teams Provide:

  • Burner and Stand

  • Cooking Pot(s)

  • Propane tank (or coals).  You will not have access to electricity.

  • Skillets or grill to cook meat.

  • All ingredients for your chili.  If you are cooking seafood or shellfish you must post notification that is visible to the public.

  • Utensils used to prepare your chili (knives, forks, spoons, spatula, etc.)

  • Cutting board(s)

  • Something large to stir your chili

  • Strainer for grease

  • Can opener(s)

  • Ladle for serving

  • Aprons

  • Thermometer (required)

  • Additional paper towels





  • You may pull into the tent area to unload.  Each team captain will receive one parking pass at the Chefs’ Meeting for loading and unloading.  Each team is permitted one vehicle in the tent area at a time.  The tent area must be clear of vehicles by 8:30 AM.  Instructions for entering and exiting the tent area will be given at the Chefs’ Meeting. 

  • Team parking instructions will be given at the Chefs’ Meeting.​


  • Hands and cooking utensils must be washed and sanitized.

    • There will be handwashing stations provided in the tent area.

    • There will also be a 3 compartment sink for washing pots and utensils.

  • Rubber gloves will be provided and are encouraged to be worn while preparing and serving chili

  • Bring meat and other perishable ingredients in a cooler (wild game must be packaged and have a certified processor stamp)

  • Cooks are encouraged to wear hats

  • No smoking

  • Please keep your area as clean as possible.  Dumpsters will be present on site.




  • Teams are required to cook a minimum of 5 gallons of chili.  Teams can make more but at least make 5 gallons.  Since this is the first year for this event we have no way of knowing how many people to expect.  

  • Keep serving portions to a minimum (you don’t want to be the team to run out of chili)

  • Chili will be served from 10:30 AM to 2:00 PM and must be ready by 10:30 AM to be eligible for judging

  • Final judging will take place immediately following initial judging.  Be sure not to run out by final judging which occurs at approximately 11:30 AM.




  • Teams can bring non-alcoholic beverages for their own consumption.  Please do not distribute beverages to patrons since we hope they will make a donation to the event for beverages.

  • Soft drinks and water will be available for $1 donation to the event.


  • There will be two divisions; adult (18 and over) and kid (17 and younger)  

  • Grand Prizeand First Runner-Upawards for both the adult and kid divisions will be determined by a panel of judges.  Judges will have no knowledge of which teams chili they are evaluating.  Your chili will be identified only by a number.  Your chili will be evaluated by each judge on Taste, Appearance, Consistency and Texture.

  • People’s Choice will be determined as voted on by the patrons.  All ticket holders receive one adult vote and one kid vote. People’s Choice deadline is 1:30 PM and patrons may vote by placing a ticket stub in your voting jar.  A volunteer will collect your jar from your tent location no later than 1:30 PM to be eligible for the award.

  • Spirit Award; 1 for adult division and 1 for kid division will be determined based on votes from a panel of judges as well as the chili cook-off planning committee.

Sequence of Events (tentative)

   7:00 AM                Team Arrival

   7:30 AM                Team ingredient inspection

 10:00 AM                Preliminary Judges Meeting

 10:30 AM                Preliminary judging Begins, Gates Open to the Public                                                             


 11:00 AM                Final Round Judges Meeting

 11:30 AM                Final Round Judging Begins

   1:30 PM                People’s Choice Voting Deadline

   2:00 PM                Chili Winners Announced

   2:30 PM                Festivities Conclude/Cleanup Begins



At the conclusion of the festivities we ask that you help us by doing just a few quick things:


  • Throw away all trash in and around your tent

  • Dispose of leftover chili in trash cans.  Do not dispose of your chili in the sinks or on the ground

  • Throw away both tablecloths

  • Break tables and chairs down and stack them

  • Do not empty your pot of chili in the parking lot

  • Cars will not be allowed into the tent area until all patrons have exited the event.  Please refer to your parking pass instructions for more details.

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