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How You Can Help...because success is NEVER achieved alone!

  • Set up AmazonSmile to donate to Elaine Roberts Foundation  Did you know that Amazon will donate a portion of every purchase you make to the Elaine Roberts Foundation?  Here is how to set that up!  
    • IOS App - Click Open Amazon App, click bottom right (three horizontal lines), scroll down to settings and click on AmazonSmile, there you can choose Elaine Roberts Foundation as your charity and start having a portion of every purchase go to Elaine Roberts Foundation​
  • Create a FaceBook Fundraiser 
    • Click on menu, click on Community Resources, click Fundraisers, click create Fundraiser, choose nonprofit, search Elaine and choose Elaine Roberts Foundation
  • Donate to Elaine Roberts Foundation
    • Click the donate button on this website to donate
    • You can make a one-time donation
    • You can set up a monthly recurring donation
    • You can set up a round-up donation where every time you use the card entered the difference between your purchase amount and the next dollar will be donated to Elaine Roberts Foundation.  You can also set a Max monthly donation so once your round up reaches the max amount round-up stops until the next month.
  • Participate in Elaine Roberts Foundation Events


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