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Rejoice in Hope; Be Steadfast and Patient in Suffering and Tribulation; Be Constant in Prayer Roman

From Elaine's CaringBridge Site

Journal entry by Laura Roberts — 5/27/2015

Elaine has had test after test after test and we seem to get a kick in the gut with each result. The CT scan showed a possible place in her lung. The PET scan showed a likely metastasis in her shoulder. The place in her lung did not, however, show up on the PET scan. Today, Wednesday May 27th we talk about Elaine's treatment plan which will definitely include chemo, most likely radiation and possibly surgery. They would prefer to shrink the tumor in her foot before doing surgery to remove it completely. Thursday, May 28th Elaine will have what is called a sentinel lymph node biopsy where they test her lymph nodes to see if the cancer is in her lymph system. On Friday, May 29th Elaine will have her port put in for chemo and will also have a bone marrow test to see if the cancer is in her bone marrow. I expect to start chemo on Monday but will find out for sure today (Wednesday, May 27th) when we meet with the oncologist. All of what I am posting is very scary to me but the worse this is the more miraculous it is going to be when God heals Elaine. At the end of this we are going to have a wonderful testimony of how faithful, miraculous and merciful God is. I can't wait to get to that part of our story but first we have to go through the storm. For now I am asking everyone who is reading these updates to pray for Elaine's cancer to be healed and to put us on every prayer list you know of. There is power in prayer and how wonderful that everyone who loves Elaine and our family enough to read these updates will get to see it. Romans 12:12 is a powerful verse that God keeps revealing to me. When fear creeps in I say this verse out loud.

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