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From Elaine's CaringBridge Site

Journal entry by Laura Roberts — 8/27/2015

We are in week 13 which is a 5 day stay at The Chilton (I've given the hospital a hotel name not because I think it is a hotel but because it makes Elaine smile and roll her eyes). We headed to our doctor's appointment Tuesday with a loaded down car expecting to start our 5 day stay. When they triaged Elaine she had a low grade temperature. 100.4 is the number that makes all kinds of bells go off and Elaine hit the lucky number Tuesday morning. The week before I had to take her to her pediatrician for some symptoms of something Elaine would not like me to discuss here and when they accessed her port Tuesday it was painful after they got it accessed. All of these things all caused concern that Elaine might have an infection. We stayed at the clinic for 2 hours so they could monitor her by taking her temperature every 30 minutes. It never went back up above normal. Had it we would have been admitted to determine and treat the infection. Since it did not we went home and are going back Friday (August 28th) to try again with the chemo treatment. If all goes as planned (I laugh as I type that word) we will start chemo Friday and come home Tuesday.

Elaine has started school as a homebound student and has two wonderful teachers who have agreed to work with her this school year. Each teacher comes to the house once a week and makes sure she knows the material, provide assignments and tests Elaine on the material learned. Elaine has already turned in assignments and taken a few tests. These ladies are a real blessing and I'm so grateful to them.

Elaine also started back taking piano lessons this week. Her hands are sore which is a side effect of the chemo and she has neuropathy in her hands that frustrates her because she doesn't think she plays as well or as fast as before. She is wrong, of course. She still plays beautifully and playing the piano makes her happy. Additionally, playing the piano is good physical therapy for her hands. I'm very grateful that her piano teacher loves her enough to go out of his way to come to the house to continue to teach her.

I am a planner. I wasn't always but as I get older I feel better with a plan even if my plan is to do nothing; sometimes I plan to do nothing. It may be a control thing; most likely it is. I have even been accused of planning too much like with regards to poor time management but I digress. When that fever thing happened Tuesday and it was obvious we were going back home instead of checking in at The Chilton, my heart sank. I've got a 54 week plan where we start chemo treatments on Tuesday of each week. I've planned for teachers to work with Elaine on Sundays or Mondays because those are her best days of the week. It has taken me twelve weeks to get used to this new way of life; a way of life that I did not plan for, don't want, can't quit nor control. As my blood pressure was rising in the doctor's office I felt God's reminder that He is in control not me. Cast your cares He reminds me.

The bright side to this delay is that we are at The Chilton this weekend instead of Labor Day weekend because there is no SEC Network at The Chilton. Also let me say this about Children's; not just the hospital but the oncology clinic as well. The care we are receiving is excellent. I was hesitant at first but from the beginning the doctors and nurses have been great. Our doctor has answered my emails, our calls and has answered every question we have had regardless of the time it takes. I have never felt like he was rushing through us to get to the next patient. I feel like he really cares about getting Elaine well. The nurses and staff at the clinic love Elaine. There are lots of miracles walking out of Children's each year and Elaine will be one of them.

Thompson's (Elaine's High School) football team beat Wetumpka last weekend for its first win since the 2013 season. There was a community wide pep rally the night before to celebrate Alabaster's excitement about its new coach and the season ahead. Elaine's counts were low so we couldn't go to either event but I watched some of the game on-line and kept Elaine informed about the score. She wouldn't watch. Said it made her sad. Good job Warriors! #WarriorStrong

College football is just around the corner. It will be different for me this year. I'm ready for it to come and go so Elaine is closer to remission. Lucy, my Dachshund, is in my sight just really getting after an elephant toy of hers. There is stuffing everywhere and elephant legs and trunk ripped away from the body. Lucy is ready for some football too! War Eagle!

Verses that God has placed on my heart at different times.

I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us. Romans 8:18

You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you. Isaiah 26:3

The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. Deuteronomy 31:8

And of course...Rejoice in hope; be patient in suffering and tribulation; be constant in prayer. Romans 12:12

God Bless You each and every one of you reading about Elaine.

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